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Oftentimes just acquiring analog and digital signals isn’t sufficient; highly controlled manipulations are required e.g. for hearing aids, noise cancelling headphones, or car acoustics.

Speedgoat real-time systems providing high performance, high-resolution analog and digital I/O, together with MATLAB & Simulink from MathWorks, are a powerful environment for analog and digital signal processing, and for desktop and real-time simulation.

  • Hearing aid devices and cochlear implants
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Active noise controls to improve car and plant acoustics

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Real-time Audio Acquisition and Processing
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  • Low latency, high resolution 16, 18, and 24-bit analog I/O modules
  • High performance Real-time target machine supporting closed-loop rates of up to 20 kHz for execution on CPUs, and above 20 kHz for execution on FPGA-based I/O modules
  • XLR and BNC panels to connect with microphones and speakers etc.
  • Your project specific sample rate, I/O, and environmental requirements guaranteed to be met
  • Design your signal processing model in MATLAB & Simulink, drag and drop Speedgoat I/O driver blocks, and configure signal parameters via easy to use dialog fields
  • Autogenerate C/HDL code from Simulink controls design and execute on multi-core CPUs and optional FPGAs
  • Simulate and test your real-time application running on a Speedgoat real-time target machine using Simulink Real-Time
  • Deploy your applications for stand-alone execution on a Speedgoat real-time target machine, or use Embedded Coder to implement code on your own video acquisition and controls devices
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  • Rapidly design, implement and test complex signal processing algorithms on a real-time system, without having to build expensive hardware that's difficult to debug
  • No need to develop complete hardware systems for mass deployment in the early stages of development: Real-time systems can be expanded with additional I/O at any time, and multi-core CPUs and FPGAs scale well in case sample rate and frequency requirements change
  • Automate and perform extensive tests with your physical hardware at a very early stage, and reduce the likelihood of costly design flaws
  • Shift the traditional sequential V-diagram to a circular workflow to enable continuous verification and validation of your designs at the earliest possible stages
  • Seamless Model-Based Design workflow support along the entire development cycle including modeling, prototyping, testing, documentation, and embedded integration
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