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The future of marine technology is electric. Fast prototyping of Engine Control Units (ECU) and robust testing of onboard microgrids is gaining importance.

To cope with increasingly complex system architectures, combining multiple domains such as electrical, mechanical, or thermal development support with simulation becomes key. Whether the focus is to reduce risks using digital twins, speed up development through rapid prototyping of components, or setup environmental simulations for Hardware in the Loop test infrastructures, simulation has become a necessary step.

The full and unrivaled integration of Speedgoat to MATLAB and Simulink provides powerful benefits by bridging the gap between virtual simulation and your real hardware components. This integration enables you to test and simulate onboard components with regards to renewable energy sources, electric powertrains, or the onboard microgrid infrastructure. The scalable and flexible solutions from Speedgoat support a large number of I/O channels guaranteeing the reliable operation of various systems in the harsh marine environment.

“The Speedgoat system, as a platform that provides real-time control with configurable parameters that do not require re-compilation, has been very helpful for tuning control algorithms”

Anderson Lebbad, Team leader, Villanova University


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Optimize the development of your controller with Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

Reduce time and costs in the development of your embedded controller or Engine Control Unit (ECU) while increasing reliability. Together with the model-based design workflow from MathWorks, Speedgoat enables you to develop and test your naval project in the early project phase. The real-time capability of Speedgoat hardware allows for higher efficiency and optimized operation to help you achieve your performance target.


⮕ Learn more about RCP

Hardware in the Loop (HIL) for controller testing or complete vessel simulation

Guarantee the interoperability of the various components of a shipboard electrical system, Hardware in the Loop can be the key differentiator to traditional testing. It will allow testing of the navigation system or shipboard power system (SPS) against a virtual model of the environment to verify function and compliance with all design requirements.

Additionally, HIL provides a safe verification environment with the possibility to fully automate testing. Since Speedgoat supports common marine communication protocols, even virtual sea trials can be conducted.


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Custom Rack Solutions

Use Speedgoat Engineering Services to build a fully integrated and customized Real-time Rack Solution.

Learn more
Communication Protocols

Learn how you can implement grid simulations or failure bus insertion with Speedgoat real-time communication protocol solutions.

Learn more
Battery Management System Solutions

Develop, test, and monitor battery management systems for your shipboard power system.

Learn more
Power Electronics Simulation

Learn about how gas turbines and power control systems work hand in hand with propulsion and steering technology.

Learn more
Multi-Node Simulation

Test large-scale ship networks with hundreds of nodes leveraging real protocol interconnects.

Learn more


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Villanova University
Leonardo DRS


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Control of an emission measuring system from the old automation system to a new system.

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Real-time model for load fluctuations mitigation in all-electric ships.

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Rapid control prototyping to control actuators in a medium speed internal combustion engine

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Efficient thrust generation in robotic fish caudal fins using policy search.

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Hybrid energy storage energy management in all-electric ship microgrids.

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