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Rapidly design controllers for your rehabilitation equipment using rapid control prototyping

New research knowledge allows for new rehabilitation technologies. Rehabilitation solutions, no matter whether they originate from research or spin-offs must undergo extensive clinical trials before being widely accepted clinical tools. In this new and competitive environment, time-to-market is critical for a successful launch of these products.

To be broadly accepted by clinics, the rehabilitation devices do not only need approval from the authorities, but also need to be developed to a series-standard in a competitive time. Model based design using Simulink Real-Time™ lowers the development costs and speeds-up verification, therefore, ensuring an easier entry into the market.

Model-Based Design of a human-in-the-loop concept allows you to design and test controls for your ventricular assist devices and rehabilitation equipment without spending time writing and debugging embedded code.

Reduce iterations during prototyping by testing an assistive robot's reaction for power augmentation using a desktop simulation. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) enables you to verify and validate the embedded controller before deploying it on the actual hardware prototype. 

"Rapid prototyping with Speedgoat products helps us to keep costs down by enabling problems to be identified early in the development process."

Matthias van der Staay, Development Team Manager at IMT Information Management Technology AG  

Intensive Care Ventilator 

Develop and test your new adaptive ventilation system with Speedgoat solutions. The COVID pandemic shows that the medical industry needs tools to develop in a short time rapidly. Model-Based Design lets you develop and tune your machine, enabling you to achieve high reliability in a short time to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. 


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Intensive care ventilator

Robotic Aided Rehabilitation

Robotic aided rehabilitation

Stroke patients or diseases like musculoskeletal and spinal cord injuries can be treated with the aid of robotic rehabilitation equipment. Use Simulink to accelerate the development and verification of your new rehabilitation robot. You can quickly refine and improve the human-robot interface using the MathWorks Control System Toolbox™. 


Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

Simulink Application Resources 

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