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Use Speedgoat real-time solutions to implement PROFIBUS protocol connectivity with MATLAB & Simulink. With the Simulink Real-Time workflow and Speedgoat hardware, you can use a wide range of industrial protocols like PROFIBUS DP with your real-time application. Speedgoat products provide seamless integration of PROFIBUS Decentralized Peripherals or PROFIBUS DP Master and Slave I/O with the MathWorks product family (e.g. MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Test and Simulink Real-Time).

The ideal solution to interface Simulink with motor servo drives, power controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and other industrial equipment using the PROFIBUS communication protocol. Typically used for both rapid control prototyping (e.g. with PROFIBUS Master) or hardware in-the-loop simulation (e.g. with PROFIBUS Slave).

Versatile support for PROFIBUS DP, the most common deterministic variant of PROFIBUS, is provided with dedicated I/O modules (see selection guide below). All solutions come with Simulink driver blocks.

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PROFIBUS for Simulink

PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is a fieldbus communication protocol commonly used in industrial automation technology. It is published as part of IEC 61158. PROFIBUS DP or Decentralized Peripherals provides deterministic communication between a PROFIBUS Master device and several PROFIBUS Slave devices. The latter is typically used for industrial or factory automation.

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IO641 PROFIBUS master I/O module with one port
IO642 PROFIBUS slave I/O module with one port
IO64x-32 Multi-node simulator I/O module

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